Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

28/12/2010 at 15:45

In this evening, I feel so bored. Why? maybe it's cause I'm already online during 17 hour. Wow, it's so long LOL..if someone ask me "what are you doing spent your 17 hour with surfing internet?" that's my answer
Honestly, in my life, I have so many kinds of target or maybe we can say my purpose of life. Sometimes, I feel so down. But I try to always learn from that feeling. I feel so glad and I want to say thank you to my Lecture, Miss. Indah Suhanti. You always help me and give me some advice for my problem, and you give me some support when I feeling so down. She not only give praise, but if I make some wrong, she also give me some warn. That's I like her.
Beside that, she always look so energetic although she feel so tired. That's you Mom..and I can't imagine how's my future, my next step, and other. I remember she said that "none can change your life. Just you and absolutely only you. And the other man said if you see Chinese, they can catch the success because the always focus in their business. That's the key.
I always try to search some meaning from some event. I think I can learn so many things from that. I just do all the things the best as I can.

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